Folk'n'Ale at the Brewery

Another great gig! The night started with a solo set by Ailee Slater, playing ukulele and singing obscene songs. Next up were The Pineapple Jam, who closed their set with an amazing A cappella  version of "Leave her, Johnny, Leave her." Then came The Privateers, who kicked things off with a fantastic FLogging Molly Cover. Ballychunder played a great version of "Dirty Old Town" and closed out the night in their usual high energy, high tempo fashion.

But the party didn't stop there. Afterwards members of The Pineapple Jam and The Privateers gathered around the bar and sang folk tunes and shanties a cappella. We even managed a cèilidh dance.

All Photos by Gary Jones:

Beertopia 2017

Another great Beertopia. We had 12 different beers to try -- the most out of any local brewery -- including The Beast, a 25% eisBock, the strongest beer in Asia, as well as our newly awarded Best Sour Beer Framboise and Best Session IPA Machine Men. 

We also had a ton of great volunteers helping out serving and chatting beer with craft beer lovers. With Luke manning the Beer Geek stall, and Joseph behind the bar in our main stall, we must have talked to every craft beer aficionado in Hong Kong.

Hope to see everyone again next year!

More Awards!

We won Best Sour Beer for our Framboise collaboration with Little Creatures and Best Session IPA for our brand new Machine Men Pale Ale at the Hong Kong International Beer Awards!

We're very proud of both of these beers, and incredibly happy to be recognized for doing what we love: making great craft beer!


Punk Night at The Brewery:

The Squawk enjoying some well-earned Yardley brothers beer after their set

The Squawk enjoying some well-earned Yardley brothers beer after their set

Defiant Scum leading a singalong of “Fuck you, I'm drunk,” with backing vocals from members from Say Mosquito and Two Finger Salute

Defiant Scum leading a singalong of “Fuck you, I'm drunk,” with backing vocals from members from Say Mosquito and Two Finger Salute

Hong Kong street punk and Yardley Brothers beer go together like... punk music and beer, really. We got some of Hong Kong's best punk bands together for one night of loud, loud, LOUD punk music.

The Bands:


Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 7.18.32 PM.png

When the Yardley Brothers decide to do something, we go all out. Beertopia was our first major beer festival. Luke and Duncan were still putting the finishing touches on the Brewery (and still working their day jobs).

but we knew that thousands of thirsty craft beer fans who had never tried Yardley Brothers beer would be there, and we wanted them to know all about us, our beer, and what we believe in. So we decided to make as much noise as possible.


We set up the Yardley Brothers stage, and got some of Hong Kong's best bands together for a night of local music.

It was loud. People definitely noticed.

And so did the judges, who awarded our Hong Kong Bastard Imperial IPA two prizes: Best IPA and Best of Show.


Not too bad for our first major festival.


People from at least 8 different countries, having simultaneous conversations in three languages.

Lots and lots of Lamma Island IPA and Hong Kong Bastard on tap.

Just another Sunday afternoon at the beer shack.

Of course, it's not every day you have an 86 year old Hong Kong WWII veteran drop in to share some tales. Especially one who doesn't speak a lick of English. Luckily, between 8 people we had 10+ languages between us, so with the help of a few multi-linguals, we managed to make it work. We ended up with stories being told in one language, and translated on the fly into the nearest common languages by helpful amateur translators, until everyone understood, like an especially challenging game of telephone.

The coolest and most unexpected thing we've enjoyed about running the beer shack is seeing how love of great craft beer transcends things like cultural boundaries, age, and language, and brings together disparate groups of people --who otherwise might never have met-- for fascinating conversations.