Craft beer and business:
Any brewery who says "you can't define craft beer" is just worried they won't fit into the definition, and it might hurt their business image and their bottom line.

 For craft beer to keep its integrity -- to stop the degradation and erosion of a beautiful ideal by Corporate breweries, attaching their tentacles to craft breweries all around the world-- it is vital that we draw a line on the battleground of commercialism vs craft.

So how do we define craft?

By volume produced?

Lack of automation?

Are they independent?

Do they have lots of wacky flavours with loads of hops?


Craft Definition:
’An occupation or trade requiring manual dexterity or artistic skill. The carpenter’s craft, the craft of writing plays, crafts such as pottery, carpentry, and sewing. “He learned the craft as an apprentice.”’
— -Merriam-Webster

Big Business has realized that there's a quick buck to be made off of craft beer, (or something that looks like craft beer) and it's eroding the ideal of what craft is. Craft is not market-led. Craft is about individuality, about creating, about pushing the boundaries, making something new, not about latching on to the latest trend.

The logical conclusion of making market-led beer is bland, safe, boring, corporate. It's the antithesis of craft.

Craft beer is really about three things: It's about making something you believe in, and doing it with passion. It's about having the skill and knowledge to make exactly the beer you want to make. Most importantly, it's about making beer to the highest level of quality. And we think that the best way to maintain quality is with a small, dedicated, and above all hands-on group of passionate beer fanatics.